More Leadership Advice from Blake M. Roney

  • Show People How to be a LeaderShow People How to be a Leader
    There is a big difference between telling people how to be successful and showing them how to fulfill their goals. In this clip, Blake explains why it is so important to demonstrate leadership skills through daily action steps if you want to continue to build a strong organization.

  • Enjoy What You DoEnjoy What You Do
    For Blake, enjoying the work you do is just about as important as putting forth daily effort. He is a strong believer in building your business around your personality and your lifestyle, and in this clip, he explains why it makes such a difference.

  • Show People What Can be AccomplishedShow People What Can be Accomplished
    Blake believes if you show people what can be accomplished, whether it is in sports or building a successful Nu Skin business, they will have a natural desire to do better—he’s seen it happen over and over again at Nu Skin.

  • Demonstrate SuccessDemonstrate Success
    Blake has always been a strong leader—first as president of the company and most recently as Chairman of the Board. Here he explains why the strongest leaders always have a desire to meet new challenges, and the best leaders take their team with them.

  • Put Others’ Success FirstPut Others’ Success First
    Blake knows that it takes hard work and commitment to be a successful Nu Skin leader, but he also knows “magic” happens when you concentrate on helping others.

  • Have FunHave Fun
    Blake is known for putting fun into the work environment. Here he offers a unique challenge to those of you who are working hard to build large organizations—a challenge he believes will greatly enhance your efforts if you accept it.

  • Show, Don’t Just TellShow, Don’t Just Tell
    Blake knows that people often don’t “hear” what you say, and that’s why he advocates demonstrating the actions that will build a successful business. As he points out in this short clip, it is far better to give your team members strong examples of the steps that lead to success.