Passing the Baton of Success from One Person to Another (New)


Yuuko Okamoto


The year she joined Nu Skin:

Her big WHY (dream):
To share what I have been taught
with the next generation and
help as many people as possible
fulfill their dreams through
Nu Skin.

Success quote:
“Perseverance is the key to
evolution—people who learn
from mistakes and grow every
day can evolve every day.”


Growing from a self-conscious, shy individual who was afraid to express her own opinions into a successful, confident Nu Skin leader who was able to imagine herself climbing the stairs to success is a transformation Yuuko Okamoto proudly embraces. And more important to her, it is an experience she loves sharing with others as she helps people who may face similar struggles overcome such difficulties and become successful leaders themselves.

Yuuko says her lack of confidence began at an early age, partly due to a problematic skin condition. “I was the kind of child who went along with what others said while concealing my true feelings, as I was always conscious of what others thought of me,” she says. Concerned, her family introduced her to Nu Skin products. She took the opportunity, put effort into improving her skin and physical conditions, and, with the improvements in her appearance, eventually developed confidence in herself. This was the first step in Yuuko’s transformation; years later she had another Nu Skin experience, which would play another, more pivotal role in changing her life.

Eventually Yuuko held a clerical position at a major corporation, but even though she worked many overtime hours to meet deadlines, she was never recognized for her achievements. She wanted to change jobs and find something that really interested her. She was introduced to the Nu Skin business opportunity and ultimately decided Nu Skin offered possibilities to create the life she wanted to enjoy.

If She Gave Up, Her Team Would Not Succeed

 Yuuko credits the people around her for helping her overcome challenges she encountered. “I might have given up if I did not have the uplines who always looked after me, and the sidelines who helped me even though they had no take in my [success],” she says. In fact, she came close to giving up when she struggled to qualify for the World Star Tour (WST), and it was a member of one of her sidelines who said, “Is this what you want? It is easy to quit now, but nobody on your team will aim for the WST if you don’t.”

This comment was an “eye-opener” for Yuuko, she says, and it made her realize that it is not a matter of whether she can or cannot do something, but rather a matter of do or don’t. “From that day, I lived every day only focusing on the ways to achieve my goals,” she says. “The experience made me realize that only those who are determined to succeed can achieve their goals.”

Action That Propels Her Forward

The support she received from others also taught her the importance of working with people around her, asking for help when faced with a situation that is beyond her capacity and helping others any way she can. As she continued to reach more and more goals, her confidence grew, and she was finally able to “say goodbye to the part of me that always made excuses for not being able to do something.”

Although Yuuko’s achievements are fulfilling, she has found it is helping her team members succeed and watching their personal transformations that make her the happiest. “I had never given anything to others or been appreciated for what I did in my life, but when I saw my team members on the recognition stage at the convention, I was truly happy that I never gave up.”

The strategic action plan that Yuuko has developed fuels her determination to reach new goals. First, she divides a notebook into four sections and numbers them left to right. Under the first section she writes Current Situation. Under the second she writes Ideals. Third is titled Deadline and fourth is Concrete Actions for Achieving the Goal. Then she fills in each section to match the goals she is trying to reach, such as increasing product sales and adding new team members. She also believes it is critical to set deadlines around company events, such as the WST, Ruby workshops, and conventions, and always tries to determine what she should achieve by each event. “I think that linking your goals to these elements makes it easier to get there and enables you to get so much more out of it,” she adds.


“We will do our best!” - Yuuko with her team in front of the Nu Skin headquarters during a corporate tour after the 2015 Global Convention

Training Is Critical

Yuuko also creates a concrete image of herself achieving each new goal. And training is absolutely vital—for herself as well as for her team. “I participate in ‘training for improving human qualities’ with my team members,” she says, since she was taught that success only comes from personal growth. She participates in training every month and shares what she learns with her team members. Plus, she works hard to create new leaders so “each of my team members can have their own team and become independent.” She feels that those who have a concrete image of their ideal leaders can become leaders, and the more concrete that image is within a person, the higher the possibility he or she will make it a reality.

With dedication to her goals, consistent action, and a sincere desire to help others succeed, Yuuko has now evolved into a confident Nu Skin leader. She is proud of her Nu Skin business and loves to help people—especially those who may be struggling with their own issues—reach their goals and “pass along the baton [of success] from one person to another.” And she has no intention of ever curtailing her efforts as she shares what she has learned with the next generation and works to help make Nu Skin the best company in the industry—a company whose name is synonymous with innovative anti-aging products.

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