An Opportunity That Greatly Changed His Life


Ryouta Tadauchi


The year he joined Nu Skin:

His big WHY (dream):
There are three components to
Ryouta’s “why”: one, to change
people’s perception of Nu Skin;
two, to make his downlines feel
that, with effort, they can fulfill
their dreams; and three, to give
his family the happiest
life in the world.  

Success quote:
“The experience is everything;
big changes are the result
of tremendous effort.” 

Ryouta Tadauchi was not even 30 when he was introduced to Nu Skin and realized it was an opportunity that could greatly change his life. At the time, he was working very hard to create a successful café located at the top of Enoshima Island, a small island located in Kanagawa prefecture to the south of Tokyo. He had begun working there part-time when he was just 21 and was promoted to a manager three years later. For six years he put all of his time into the café, helping to bring media attention and make it a very popular spot that often boasted a waiting list of two hours on weekends.

Ryouta successfully created a stable customer base and trained the staff so that day-to-day operations ran smoothly. But he realized that if he continued to devote his time to such a career, his leadership position would require him to be at the restaurant constantly. He didn’t want to live his life like that. As he was considering his situation, he was fortunate to be introduced to Nu Skin by a friend he trusted. With Nu Skin he felt he could do two important things: he could create a life that gave him total time freedom and he could use his time to help others.

A Trip That Taught Him How to Be a Leader

Ryouta joined Nu Skin in February 2009 when he was just 27, and he experienced many wonderful moments as he traveled his Nu Skin journey. The Success Trip he attended in 2013 was the most rewarding because it demonstrated to him the generosity and support Nu Skin offers its sales leaders. “I participated in the trip to Hawaii as a Ruby Executive, and the hospitality of the company went far beyond my expectations,” he says. “I was deeply moved by the company’s attitude and its willingness to make such an investment in me—someone who was still just a Ruby Executive.”

Ryouta was also impressed by how the Team Elite Executives on the trip celebrated him and his success at reaching Ruby level. “I felt inspired to be like them when I saw the way these successful people talked to me as if I was at the same level,” he says. And while he was buoyed by the trip, he also felt a sense of regret because he had no team members with him. “This event inspired me to help as many of my downline members as possible participate in the next Success Trip so they could experience the wonderful emotions I had enjoyed,” he adds. “Everything changed thanks to this trip.”

Ryouta_Tadauchi_Lifestyle1 Ryouta with his wife and son

Adjusting and Organizing His Goals

Goals are an important part of Ryouta’s business building. “I do not set goals by myself but by consulting with my upline leader,” he explains. “I also adjust and organize my goals through reporting, contacting, and consulting with my upline leader on my daily progress.” He also writes down his activity plan in his notebook and checks his annual goals, monthly goals, and daily activities to see if he has any discrepancies in what he planned to accomplish. “I open my notebook every day, remember my ‘why,’ and try not to forget what and for whom I am doing the business,” he states.

Ryouta knows the power of dreams, and as he works at selling products and building his team, he focuses on making his dreams come true by taking consistent action. He shares with his team the stories of successful leaders and uses daily communication to remind them about the power behind their dreams. His own dream includes sharing with people everywhere the beauty of Nu Skin and making his family “the happiest family in the world.”

Promoting the Value of Personal Growth

Ryouta says he has gained a great deal thanks to Nu Skin, but he feels his team members are the biggest benefit his business has given him. “[My team members] are people with whom I can share values about life as well as aspirations,” he says. “Their trust gives me power, which enables me to bring out more [in myself] than what I have.”

Focusing on people is a critical part of Ryouta’s success. He tries to lead by example and demonstrates the importance of acting with courtesy in all interactions, from business activities to situations involving family or friends. Helping his team grow and increase its customer base is vital, he feels, in his role as a leader. This growth is fostered by his desire to change the overall image toward direct selling and Nu Skin while expanding his own business and enhancing the personal qualities of all those with whom he works.

Ryouta knows that it takes consistent action, dedication to your goals, and a strong belief in your own ability—as well as in the company—to be successful in Nu Skin. He also believes his experience at the 2013 Success Trip in Hawaii helped give him a clear vision of what the business could mean to him—and to everyone on his team—if he helped his team members grow and learn so they could also become successful sales leaders and attend these types of events with him. “What changed the most [while attending the trip] was my attitude toward Nu Skin and my own business,” he points out. Today he is committed to helping everyone he works with adjust their own attitudes and goals so they too can fulfill their dreams.

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