Creating Success with a Balanced, Positive Approach


Pichet Ritthiruangdet


The year he joined Nu Skin:

His big WHY (dream):
To have the freedom to live
how I want and to enjoy
each day with the one I love.

Success quote:
“Success is connected with
action; successful people
keep moving. They make
mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

A few years ago, Pichet Ritthiruangdet was the owner and chef of a Thai restaurant in Amsterdam. He worked very hard to create a successful business and ideal life using the experience he had gained helping his mother with her restaurant prior to striking out on his own. It was a struggle, and to help minimize costs he did much of the work himself, which added to the stress and health problems that began to plague him. This was in 2007, and during this time, one of his regular customers introduced him to Nu Skin. The customer suggested he try Pharmanex products. A few months later, Pichet noticed a difference in how he felt.

The product results Pichet experienced encouraged him to consider starting his own Nu Skin business. He attended the EMEA European Convention in Brussels and quickly realized he was the only person from Thailand in attendance. He knew there were many people from his country who lived in Amsterdam, and he believed he could be successful sharing Nu Skin with Thai people he knew in the city. He continued to manage his restaurant, but worked on selling products and growing his Nu Skin business in the morning and became a Ruby Executive.

However, life has a way of getting in the way sometimes, and Pichet’s plans for Nu Skin success were soon derailed. He stopped putting in the effort required to expand his customer base and team, and he lost his hard-won Ruby title. Then, in 2009, he had to close his restaurant, which threw him into a jobless and unstable situation. With 10 years’ experience in the restaurant business, Pichet felt he had no other choice than to re-enter the industry—this time as an assistant manager.

Learning to Focus on What He Really Wanted

Although securely employed once again, Pichet knew working in a restaurant was not the life he wanted, and thoughts of rebuilding his Nu Skin business began to resurface. In 2010 he made a decision to put massive effort into obtaining the Nu Skin success he had envisioned three years earlier. “I have to become Ruby,” he says he told himself, and knew if he wanted this to happen, he had to clearly focus on his goals. “At 9 a.m. I started my day doing demonstrations and product presentations with my prospects, and worked at my full-time job from 2 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.,” he says.

Pichet-lifestyle-smaller Pichet and Elly at the 2015 EMEA Success Trip in Marrakech, Morocco

A big motivator for Pichet at this time was meeting his wife, Elly. He wanted to have time to enjoy his life with her as well as improve himself and provide for others. He says she gave him the “power of love,” which helped to keep him focused and taking consistent action toward reaching the goals he set for himself. Before long, he was devoting all of his time to Nu Skin and heading toward the success that had eluded him a few years earlier. As his income improved, he put more thought into how he could help other people enjoy the same time and financial freedom.

Pichet says that time around, as compared to his effort in 2007, he took a more balanced approach to sharing Nu Skin with others. He still focused on acquiring customers on a regular basis, but he also worked hard to add people to his team of business builders. “I worked constantly to enroll new customers and distributors every day,” he says. “I woke up early and stayed late at night to recruit as many as I possibly could.” He also focused on sharing Nu Skin with people in restaurants and spas.

In time, Pichet’s team expanded beyond Amsterdam and he now has team members throughout Europe. As he works with his team, he always reminds them of the importance of first establishing friendships. “If the person likes us, he or she tends to listen to what we have to say,” he says. “I emphasize getting to know the person first before presenting the business opportunity or products. Once they ask me what I do, I will tell them my story and how Nu Skin has changed my life.”

Building Relationships Is Critical to Reaching Your Goals

Thanks to ageLOC R², April 2013 was a huge turning point for Pichet and his team. When R² was introduced, everyone on his team began using the product, and their results and enthusiasm helped catapult the whole team forward. Pichet says they focused on three points: use the products, love the products, and share the products. He also taught his group to understand goals and how to overcome obstacles. “We must recognize that our goal is bigger than the obstacle,” he explains. “Most important in our organization is building relationships and sharing the company’s story and products with positive people.”

To keep the momentum going with the R² launch, Pichet and his team organized webinars so they could share product information and benefits, which helped new distributors present it effectively to their prospects and customers. Pichet also maintains regular contact with his team, using social media and webinars, plus he uses chat groups to help answer his team’s questions. “Our leaders are in many European countries,” he points out. “Unity and teamwork are keys to building a large organization.” Pichet is determined to be an effective leader and to share his story with many others to help inspire them to reach their goals in life. “I keep in touch with my team on a daily basis,” he adds. “I praise their success. We need to support each other, respect one another, and engage all of our leaders.”

Pichet’s positive attitude and 100 percent commitment to his goals are helping to propel him closer to fulfilling his and Elly’s dreams as they work together in Nu Skin. “Nu Skin is like my breath,” he says. “It is a part of my daily life, just like brushing my teeth or taking a shower. Every day I revisit my goal and take action.”

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