Creating the Next Generation of Leaders


Pattarawan and Pichet Sukkaniwast


The year they joined Nu Skin:

Their big WHY (dream):
To help others transform
their lives 

Success quote:
“To be successful, you need 
a strong heart and the
willingness to take action 
so you can fulfill your dream.” 

A strong sense of urgency drove Pattarawan and Pichet Sukkaniwast when they first began their Nu Skin journey. They had been using the products and knew they were excellent. So when Pattarawan’s family’s packaging business began to struggle financially, she decided to put effort into selling Nu Skin products and building her own Nu Skin business to help her family. Her goal at that time was to find a new source of income, and she knew her current job would not provide the income she needed. With Nu Skin, however, she saw a way to change her family’s situation and as she and Pichet began to see results from their efforts, she realized Nu Skin could change their lives as well.

Pattarawan and Pichet wasted no time getting started. They wanted to reach their goals as quickly as possible, so those goals became their primary focus. They already knew the products lived up to their claims, and once they studied Nu Skin and The Success Formula, they felt confident they could create the time freedom and financial rewards they envisioned by acquiring customers and team members.

Initially, says the couple, they did not understand how to set goals. They just knew they wanted to make their parents happy and build financial rewards. Eventually, however, as they developed leadership skills and focused on the action steps they needed to take every day, their goals evolved. “We used to do things without setting goals and we both felt a lack of energy and motivation to drive others,” says Pichet. “It wasn’t long before we started to reset ourselves and our goals, together with the company’s goal and the team’s as well.” This experience taught them how important it is to lead by example and to take consistent action on a team-wide scale so everyone is moving forward together. The importance of working closely with their team became even more apparent after Pattarawan had a baby and, for awhile, began to focus more on their child and family than their business. 

Teaching Their Team to Focus on Goals Instead of Problems

Pattarawan_and_Pichet_Sukkaniwast_lifestyle Pattarawan and Pichet Sukkaniwast with their daughter

When the company announced its 100+ Program, formerly called the BDM (Become, Duplicate and Multiply) Stars Challenge, the couple refocused their efforts and “got serious again,” says Pichet. “Leaders really affect the organization,” he adds. “If a leader has a clear goal, the team can expand. But if the leader does not have a goal, neither will the team. When the team doesn’t focus on a goal, the team members will focus on problems instead.” Pattarawan noticed that their downlines were slowing down and losing their focus, so she made a decision to expand their organization and work hard to qualify for the 100+ Program. She wanted their team to believe it was possible to reach this level of success, and she knew she and Pichet had to be the role models who would prove it could be done.

One way they help their team focus on setting and reaching their goals is by encouraging them to create a dream chart that visually depicts a tangible item they want. For Pattarawan and Pichet, they found pictures of a car and house they hoped to own one day, and they kept these images in sight so they were always reminded of these two particular goals. “When we focus on our dreams, it makes us feel like we’ve achieved them already,” says Pichet. “We believe it’s the secret power of focusing.”

Practicing a “Do-Our-Best Mindset” Every Day

The Sukkaniwasts are also familiar with criticism, and they know that the biggest obstacles for new people to overcome is doubting themselves and dealing with rejection when they share Nu Skin with others. They tell their new people to keep working toward reaching their goals and focusing on achieving them rather than being afraid of the obstacles they encounter. “If you have problems, just solve them and keep focusing on your future success,” they advise. When Pattarawan and Pichet faced criticism once they decided to join Nu Skin, they chose to ignore the negative comments because they knew their goal was bigger than others’ criticism.

As Pattarawan and Pichet continue to work on leading their team to the success their team members envision, they put emphasis on thinking about daily tasks, monthly tasks, and yearly tasks. “We have to follow the plan daily and strictly with a ‘do-our-best mindset’ all the time,” they explain. “It is about generating big tasks to smaller ones with the same goals and results.” Actually, Pichet adds, it is following The Success Formula and its key drivers: Dream, Set Goals, Believe, Take Action, and Lead. By following this system, the couple believes, they can instill a success mindset in their team and lead by example to create the next generation of leaders.

“We have to be good examples in everything—justice, sacrifice, sharing, support, consistency,” Pichet says. “When you are a leader, you do not need to convince other people to be accepted. People will willingly follow you with faith and belief.” 

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