Rediscovering One’s Dream


Maria Victoria Giordano,
Federico Jose Giordano,
and Gonzalo Farre


The year they joined Nu Skin:

The big WHY (dream) of
Maria Victoria Giordano:
“My underlying motivation for
success in this business is
twofold: one, to possess the
time to attend to my children’s
needs and happiness and
two, to help each downline
executive not only capture
a spark of their potential,
but to fan it into a
full-fledged flare of success
and achievement, shining
brightly for all to see!”

Success Quote: 
“There is no such thing as no.
There is only N.O.—new opportunity!

Nestled alongside the enchanting Paraná River in Rosario, Argentina, Maria Victoria Giordano fashioned a rewarding life as a mother of three, a veteran of the tourism industry, and a budding entrepreneur. Her venture, running a chic boutique for upscale clothing and accessories, provided for her family’s needs. But she still longed for a profession that would enable her to spend time with her children. Refusing to relinquish her dream, Maria Victoria continued searching optimistically for a new career.

Upon discovering Nu Skin, her curiosity was piqued, but she declined to enroll before investigating further. After researching on her own and being approached a second time, Maria Victoria welcomed the company with open arms. What sealed her commitment was the fact that the opportunity offered both the potential income and freedom of time she desired. Inspired, Maria Victoria felt a surge in her heart as she began to dream big once more. She confides, “I had always been a dreamer, but the rhythm and bustle of life had subsumed my once great aspirations in a morass of mundane obligations and so-called expectations. Nu Skin rekindled my capacity to dream once more, and with passion and purpose, I set out to make something of myself.”   

Collaborating to Succeed

Maria Victoria recognized very early on in her newfound career that she would need to leverage the expertise and insight of others if she was going to fully realize her dream. So, after serious reflection, she elected to invite her brother and husband to join her in her enterprise. Eager and motivated by her foresight and business plan, they jumped on board and immediately began aiding her in the execution of her blueprint for success. “Both of these fine men proved invaluable as I set out to build an international organization, full of likeminded leaders. Their input into our weekly, monthly, and yearly goals has been integral to our continued strategy. Together, we’ve learned that when you put ambitions to paper and revisit them with frequency and attention, you swear a vow to your eventual success. As we have struggled with setbacks, we have never lost sight of our goals. In fact, we resolved to never forsake our intentions because we believed in their fulfillment long before seeing their fruition.”

No Challenge is Too Colossal for a United Team

Latin American markets, especially Argentina, have faced their fair share of impediments and difficulties, especially in regards to comprehensive government regulations. In December 2014, Maria Victoria and her team faced such a challenge when they were suddenly left without product due to complications beyond Nu Skin’s control. While she knew that the company would develop a solution in the long-term, Maria Victoria needed a work-around for the interim and so she out to brainstorm with her upline and others.

Their first manner of business was to maintain their momentum by continuing to deliver presentations and hold meetings as corporate continued their valiant efforts to deliver a remedy. The team rallied and kept spirits high, and by employing inventive strategies and staying vigilant till products became available the day before month’s end, they not only met their customers’ immediate needs, but Maria Victoria’s business also saw growth! She sagely notes, “We ended with an amazing year and accomplishment! And though it was critical to our business and our partners to hit those benchmarks before the year closed, we gained even greater lessons and blessings from this experience. We came together as a team in an unprecedented fashion and discovered that if we are united and committed to the same goals, we are unstoppable. I know now that in every crisis we encounter there are new paths to pave, new leaders who will rise to the occasion, and new mindsets that must be adopted. We must keep evolving with the shifts in society and business and never, ever entertain the thought of quitting.”


Maria Victoria with Federico, Gonzalo, and Sol Bria being recognized at the 2014 Americas Regional Convention

Building Your Business Through Practical Means

When confronting the creeping doubt that can sometimes insidiously worm its way into one’s mind, Maria Victoria boldly responds not by brushing it aside, but with honest, direct introspection. She faces her demons straight on and asks herself tough questions, such as “Why did I not gain the result I was seeking?” and “Would I sponsor myself if I acted this way?” Through pondering and candid inventory of her actions, Maria Victoria gleans valuable insight on how to proceed and where to tweak her strategy to get back on track. “If we can’t be honest with ourselves, we’re never going to succeed in this industry. You have to be fully integrated, and that means you can’t ignore your flaws. Take each criticism and counsel as feedback on how to continue polishing away your imperfections and you will begin to transform into the leader you know you are capable of being. And for heaven’s sake, don’t beat yourself up in the process! Acknowledge where you can improve and then, instead of wallowing in it, leap forward and take action. Your happiness, business, and destiny depend on it.”

For those struggling with implementing successful behaviors, Maria Victoria advises to start small. “Focus on what you can accomplish daily, and then build to weekly, monthly, and yearly practices and objectives. It can get overwhelming when you embark upon your adventure, but the key is to stick to the system provided by your upline and to hone your mastery of the fundamentals: contacting, inviting, presenting, and supporting your blossoming customers and distributors. Do these and watch your organization flourish.” In addition to these essential steps, she encourages goal setting with one’s leaders and fleshing out a plan for what you want to accomplish during the cycle, such as becoming a Star or determining how many Stars you desire to help create. By adhering to these elementary building blocks, Maria Victoria is confident that you too can forge a lasting legacy.

Above all, she urges those struggling with confidence to get serious about their “why” for doing this business. Without clarity, she is certain that individuals will struggle more than is necessary. “Get real with your desires, get specific with why you are willing to invest in this opportunity, and set exact expectations of what you plan to achieve. Once you have your dream and destination firmly in mind, you will know which course to plot and which behaviors will lead you there. Don’t waste time drifting with wanderlust and wishes—now is the time for precise purpose!”

Hearkening to and embodying these principles, Maria Victoria and her partners have thrived in the face of adversity and have distinguished themselves by joining the rank of Team Elite. Furthermore, they have leveraged their upline’s expertise and programs in tandem with their indefatigable spirit to also become among the first of their countrymen to reach the prestigious title of Team Elite Platinum. These benchmarks serve as reminders for their instrumental efforts to cultivate Nu Skin’s Latin American markets, but they are not the measure of their success. Instead, Maria Victoria, along with her husband Gonzalo and her brother Federico, assess their achievement through the number and degree of lives changed within their organization and abroad, demonstrating once again their alignment and partnership with the company to be a perpetual Force For Good.

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