Designing a New Career and a Healthier, More Rewarding Lifestyle


Jung, Hye Hwa and
Kim, Han Koo


The year they joined Nu Skin:

Their big WHY (dream):
To give new hope and dreams
to as many people as possible
while gaining more time
freedom and financial
rewards for their family. 

Success quote:
“To lead your team members,
take the initiative and
set an example.” 

Jung, Hye Hwa is a woman who has always loved to draw, and while she used this talent to create her own successful design firm, eventually she also managed to design an entirely new career and way of life that helped her look, feel, and live better than ever. This was an experience that had its ups, downs, and doubts, but she found a way to persevere and keep herself focused on her dream—a dream Nu Skin helped her define and, ultimately, fulfill.

As a design student at university, Jung Hye Hwa was able to hone her creative talents to eventually become the CEO of her own business after spending time working in the public relations department of a major electronics firm. After establishing her own advertising design firm, she ran it for about 13 years. “Advertisement design was my number one favorite thing to do in the world and it gave me a sense of fulfillment,” she says. Her business grew and prospered, which gave her the chance to work with major companies in Korea and around the world as well as with government agencies. Her physical well-being, however, did not fare so well, and she began to face some health challenges.

That was when she discovered Nu Skin and felt compelled to get involved with the company. But first, she wanted to be absolutely confident the products lived up to their claims. “I used to think that good products were the ones introduced on television commercials or sold at high prices in department stores,” she says. Therefore, she knew she had to use Nu Skin products herself before she shared them with potential customers. “If I sell a product without using it myself, I think I could potentially cause some problem with honesty and trust,” she explains. “If I had not realized the excellence of the products myself and developed trust in Nu Skin, I would not have been able to carry on with the business.”

Jung, Hye Hwa describes two ways Nu Skin products helped her look and feel better—results that boosted her confidence in her ability to share them with others. She had always suffered from dry skin, especially during the winter, and soon realized Nu Skin helped to soften and condition her skin even during the driest, coldest months. In addition, she used to feel very tired in the morning but felt that LifePak helped to give her more energy so she could start her day early.

Nu Skin Helped Her Define Her Dreams

As Jung, Hye Hwa continued to sell products to her customers and add people to her team, she also discovered that her Nu Skin journey was forcing her to take a look at what she really wanted to accomplish in life. And she found that her dream was multi-faceted: she wanted to give new hopes and dreams to as many people as possible, to do volunteer work, and to create time freedom and financial rewards for her family.

Making these dreams a reality took hard work and a determination to keep going despite some struggles. Initially, she continued to run her advertising business and work her Nu Skin business when she could. She attended trainings early in the morning and during her lunch break; attended demonstrations and meetings after work and on the weekends; and she met people whenever she had free time. Plus, she adds, she never missed a group rally and she listened to two or three presentations on CD every day.

Sharing Nu Skin with new people and in a large group was difficult for her at first. “I thought it was not very easy for me to fit into an organization, so it made it more challenging for me to duplicate what I wanted to do.” But, she adds, she continued to work with others on every activity even though she didn’t want to, and she devoted herself to duplicating this activity. And rejection was hard, especially if it came from a personal acquaintance. To counter her discouragement when this happened, she strengthened her commitment to her goals.

To keep her team growing, she added new members by calling prospects. “I went to a place I did not really know and recruited people,” she explains. “I built trust with them, turned them into big fans and customers of Nu Skin products, and then I recruited some of them. It was really tough in the beginning. I cried alone in my car once in a while. But I also realized that there are many good people in the world, and I dedicated myself to achieving success with those good people.”


Jung, Hye Hwa and Kim, Han Koo with their team members

Finding the Strength and Purpose to Keep Going

Even when her health caused her to take a step back from her efforts for a year after she collapsed at an event, she found the strength to keep her dreams alive even though she thought about quitting. She drew courage from her team members who were waiting for her to resume her activity, and she had a strong sense of responsibility to each of them. She proved to them and to herself that she could regain her health and her ability to reach her goals by proudly walking the stage at the 2015 Nu Skin Korea Success Expo where she was recognized as a 4 Star Creator. With her health now improved, Jung, Hye Hwa is committed to helping others. “I have decided to dedicate my ‘regained life’ to assisting those who are in need of help,” she states.

Today Jung, Hye Hwa has an enthusiastic partner as she works to grow her organization: her husband, Kim, Han Koo. He was “silently opposed” when she first joined Nu Skin, she admits, but has now committed himself full-time to their Nu Skin business. “My husband now trusts me more than anyone else and has been a great supporter who keeps me moving forward,” she says.

Jung, Hye Hwa’s many struggles—as well as her achievements—have enabled her to use these experiences to lead by example. She knows first-hand the struggles her team members endure and is quick to give them confidence and encouragement. “I feel their pain because I have been there, done that,” she states. She also demonstrates the importance of self-development by reading books and attending presentations that will increase her knowledge and business-building and customer acquisition skills. She concentrates on giving simple and clear directions, listening to her team members and encouraging them to follow the company’s Success Roadmap as well as their upline so they will grow and become leaders themselves.

Now focusing entirely on Nu Skin, Jung, Hye Hwa takes care to maintain her health; she feels a person’s health is one of the most important factors in building a growing and sustainable Nu Skin business. “Keeping a certain level of energy is also very important,” she adds. “At the same time, it is important to develop the character of a caring and understanding individual.”

Helping her team reach their goals is paramount to Jung, Hye Hwa’s efforts as she continues her Nu Skin journey. “As I dedicate myself to this business, I have come to recognize the value of people and their diversity.” she says. She knows it is the simple acts, repeated over and over, that will help her and her team succeed—action she has learned over the years and still puts into practice. “Whenever I felt the potential failure of our group, I knew I had to get my act together,” she explains. “I just repeated making a customer base, inviting people, doing demonstrations, and explaining the business opportunity.” 

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