Seeking a New Path to Develop Her Ideal Lifestyle


Jinsil Kim


The year she joined Nu Skin:

Her big WHY (dream):
To earn financial rewards and
time freedom so I can improve
my quality of life and pursue a
more meaningful life.

Success quote:
“Being realistic is the most 
common road to mediocrity.”

Jinsil Kim’s decision to join Nu Skin started with her desire to create an exit strategy from her work as an interior designer. She liked what she did and enjoyed success in this profession, but she knew the work would always require her to spend a lot of time away from her family. Plus, she knew a career in interior design would never allow her to achieve her dreams. She wanted the freedom to live life on her own terms.

Jinsil was actually a product user before she learned about the business opportunity Nu Skin offers. She was immediately impressed with the products when she first used them, and when she learned more about the company and how building her own business could change her life, she kept an open mind. Since she loved the products and the results she was experiencing, she was comfortable talking to people about them. “I loved the opportunity to help others by sharing my positive experiences,” she says.

Actions Come with Failure but Create Success

Like many who begin a Nu Skin business, Jinsil had to learn to overcome her biggest challenge: her fear of sharing Nu Skin with others—especially strangers. It proved to be a valuable lesson for her, which she experienced while working the business part-time the first year as she kept her job as an interior designer. Determined to make the most of the limited time she had to work her new business, one of her tactics for retailing the products was to create a list of nail salons and visit them to talk to the owners about the products. “Talking to these salon owners was a big challenge for me because I had never done that before,” she says. “Sometimes I would sit in the parking lot for 20 minutes before I built up enough courage to walk in.”

After experiencing several rejections, Jinsil completely lost her nerve and stopped approaching the salons. “I didn’t go out and stayed home until I gained the courage to try again,” she admits. To build her confidence, she read books and listened to presentations by leaders in the business. “I regained my confidence and courage when I accepted the lesson that actions come with failure but create success,” she says. Once she was clear about what she had to do and strengthened her belief in herself, she resumed her efforts.

By having the determination to change her attitude, Jinsil has managed to create retail customers from those visits to the salons. “My sales approach certainly improved with experience; however, the biggest change for me was in my mental approach,” she says. “I was able to extend beyond my comfort zone and overcome my weakness.”

This perseverance enabled Jinsil eventually to devote all of her time to Nu Skin—a decision she made after attending a kickoff meeting in Florida. It was a decision that was at first met with disapproval by her family. Although they supported her efforts, she says they did not understand the business and what it could mean for her. “Now they are very proud of me and have started Nu Skin with me,” she says.

Listening and Understanding Are Key

One of the biggest differences Jinsil noticed with her work as a Nu Skin sales leader was the focus on teamwork—an entirely different concept compared to her day-to-day work as an interior designer. “When I worked as an interior designer, there wasn’t much teamwork involved,” she explains. “Competition for clients and sales goals was intense and created rivalries. The difference with Nu Skin is that my success depends on others’ success. When I care and help others, I am more successful.” This approach to creating individual success led to another powerful value that Jinsil says has greatly benefited her. “I’ve learned how to understand and love people,” she adds. “I’ve learned that the solution to most problems we encounter is love.”

Understanding people has helped Jinsil sell the products to people as well as build her team. That’s because she has learned to take the time to hear what people actually need before going into depth about the company and its products. “I listen to people first; if I know what they need and are looking for, I can share the right lifestyle or product experience and then invite them to an event or meeting,” she explains. She shares the products and business with people every day, both individually and in group presentations. “I seek people who are looking to change their lives,” she states. As she acquires new customers, she continually demonstrates the difference the products offer, stays in regular contact with them to keep them informed, shares experiences, and teaches them how to use the products in more effective ways.


Jinsil Kim with her team

Leading Everyone to Success

Today, Jinsil works hard at not only retailing products, but also working with her team to ensure their success as well as her own. One example is the way she helped some of her team members qualify for a recent Success Trip to Hawaii. Her personal motivation was fueled by the fact she and her husband were never able to go on a traditional honeymoon. Her goal was to qualify for the trip so the two could enjoy a “week in paradise.” It was also important to her that her key leaders qualify for this incentive event. To make this happen, she made use of dream boards and set clear goals. “We worked closely as a team, shared results on a regular basis, and encouraged each other,” she says. “We also held team events and worked together at meetings.”

Communicating regularly with her team and her customers and working closely with them is a critical part of Jinsil’s success. She holds weekly meetings and trainings to educate them and to make her team members confident leaders. “We all learn from each other,” she states.

The confidence issue she once had no longer exists as she continues to work hard to reach new goals. She credits the superiority of Nu Skin products and the results they offer as a big reason she has the confidence to share the products with others every day, including outside her own community. “People sense my passion and that helps generate interest.”

Her goals today are to reach Team Elite Platinum and help her team members become Team Elite Executives. She also wants to demonstrate to people around her what a wonderful company Nu Skin is. “I want to show and prove to my community that Nu Skin is a great business with great people who should be admired for what they do,” she explains. “My personal goal is to work hard and earn financial rewards and time freedom so that I can travel more. I want to provide everything my daughter needs and allow her to pursue her passion when she grows up.”


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