From a Life of Constant Change to the Ultimate Business


Cecilia Pachón and Carlos Arecheta


The year they joined Nu Skin:

Their big WHY (dream):
To enjoy the freedom Nu Skin
offers, which includes potential
financial rewards, along with
helping their team members
fulfill their dreams.

Success quote:
“My perception of success in
this business involves having
a clear and definitive ‘why’;
it’s what gives direction to
actions—together with
determination and the capacity 
to improve—action after 
action. If I fail, I never stop;
if I succeed, I never stop.”
— Cecilia Pachón

Cecilia Pachón is a woman who has always wanted the most out of life. She has worked hard and followed her passions during her professional journey so she could create the life she wanted—a path that has had its share of course alterations over the years. Like many people who begin to build their careers and create families along the way, she discovered that what she thought would be the ideal life was fraught with frustrations. And it was during this search for professional fulfillment—coupled with a life she could really enjoy—that she found the perfect business: Nu Skin.

From the beginning, Cecilia found out that long-held desires aren’t always the answer to happiness. She had always wanted to study math at university, which she did. But four years later, she realized this was not the path she wanted to continue to follow. She decided to pursue a career more related to health that would also enable her to have more contact with people. As sports had been her passion since she was three, she worked hard and quickly earned her degree in physical education.

When Cecilia met her husband, Carlos Arecheta, they decided to become entrepreneurs. Although they were only 27, they had big dreams and were determined to make a success of their first venture, a gym. This endeavor required them to take out a 30-year loan and put in six years of hard work and very long hours. When their first daughter was born, their priorities began to shift. They no longer were content to spend long hours at the gym; instead, they wanted to focus on improving the quality of their family life. They had to get a 30-year loan to finance their home, so they decided to sell the gym and open a new business called Natur House. After a year they closed it and started their third business, a parapharmacy/herbalist/health food shop. Twelve months later, they opened a second shop in a nearby town. “Our dream was to have both businesses generate income so we could pay off our debts and be able to delegate work half-time so we could spend more time with our family,” explains Cecilia.

Unfortunately, their dream hit a huge snag when they couldn’t afford to hire help, local sales faltered, and they faced competition from online businesses. “We worked from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and saw no possibility of change,” says Cecilia. This situation prompted Cecilia to look for a new opportunity.

A Health Crisis Convinced Them to Take Action

In February 2013, Cecilia was introduced to Nu Skin through a company catalog. “The corporate image caught my eye from the beginning,” she says. Intrigued by the company’s emphasis on science, she did more research online and even called Nu Skin customer service. However, she and Carlos did not join the company right away. A health scare for her put everything on hold, and she didn’t enroll until July. But she and Carlos knew that once she successfully dealt with her health issue, something would have to change. They did not want to continue living as they were.

The pieces to creating change in their lives finally fell into place in October when Cecilia attended a Nu Skin kickoff meeting. Instead of attending the presentation designed for new distributors, she happened to sit in on a presentation for Lapis level attendees. It was a mistake that proved to be truly inspirational. “On my way back home, it was clear to me that I was going to do it. I didn’t know how, but I was determined to do it,” she says. She wasted no time getting started after making this decision. During the ageLOC TR90 LTO held October 9-12, 2013, she qualified as an Executive by selling seven ageLOC TR90 packages. “That’s when I realized I would never quit,” she adds, envisioning one day making Nu Skin her only and final business and having Carlos join her as they worked to acquire customers and team members. In 2014, her vision was fulfilled. They now combine their talents and energy to devote all of their time to their Nu Skin business.

With Nu Skin, each of them is able to capitalize on individual strengths as they share Nu Skin with others. The foundation of their work together is based on their ability to “enjoy the moment” since they love sharing the work they do. “We think this is essential in order to intensify our dedication and ease our efforts,” explains Cecilia. With three young daughters now, they love the fact that Nu Skin enables them to reconcile work and family life as they travel and work together. And they have been able to divide the tasks required each day for maximum benefit. Most recently, Carlos has focused on developing their Chilean market while Cecilia usually works with people in Spain. “He works extensively on the phone and by videoconferences,” she says. “I prefer to engage directly because I express myself best in one-on-one situations.” They also talk and analyze with one another, share their ideas, and shape them together as they set their goals.

Their meetings are a prime example of a divide-and-conquer approach to sharing duties. “Carlos takes my notes, ideas, and outlines and builds on them to create a PowerPoint,” she explains. “He is in charge of setting up the PC and the projector in the room, paying the invoices, and registering distributors and guests. I plan the content of the meeting, speak, talk to distributors and customers, show the products, give demonstrations, and so forth. However, we are flexible and take turns if needed. We complement each other beautifully.”

A Passion for the Products Fuels Her Action

Cecilia credits the company’s ageLOC products and innovative science for giving her the passion she exudes every day as she shares Nu Skin with others. “I fell in love with Nu Skin’s science, with the products, with the sales compensation plan, and with Nu Skin’s culture,” she says. “I feel lucky and very proud to be a part of Nu Skin. It allows me to communicate with passion and credibility with others.” Sharing Nu Skin is easy for Cecilia because she believes the business opportunity is directly linked to the quality of the products. She always explains the scientific assets of the company and the ageLOC technology, as well as the mission and vision of Nu Skin. She feels the emphasis on science has great emotional impact. “The strength and transparency of the company, as well as our exclusive products, transmit a sense of certainty,” she says as she works to add customers and new team members.

Prospecting for customers and team members is a big part of Cecilia’s ongoing action plan. “When you internalize prospecting, it becomes a part of your daily life,” she says. “We are lucky—our business is wherever we go, and we have the freedom to make it reach new potential customers, anytime we want.” She says that when she feels inspired by someone and sees that the person’s profile matches those she wants on her team, she simply tells the individual that she likes his or her attitude and wants to share the company with her or him. She doesn’t tell the person anything right then; instead, she makes a date for a meeting. “When you look into people’s eyes and they perceive that there is authenticity and truth in what you are saying, it is difficult for them to deny at least listening to what you have to say.” She follows this same principle when she acquires customers. “If you advise properly and find the customer’s need, you don’t have to prejudge who needs it or not; you only have to show it honestly,” she advises. “Afterward, everything flows. Especially with these great products.”


Cecilia and Carlos at the 2015 EMEA Success Trip in Marrakech, Morocco

Six Important Points Guide Their Efforts

To make sure her and Carlos’ team keeps moving forward alongside them, Cecilia says she focuses on six important points: 1) She encourages their team members to follow their leaders’ proven system for success; 2) She tells them to take duplicable action; 3) She maintains a work plan aligned with the company’s strategies, incentives, and events; 4) She fosters teamwork by sharing as much information as possible; 5) She supplies specific solutions to situations using her own personal experience; and 6) She always highlights the power of determination and feedback. In fact, feedback is critical to her own development as a leader. “Any action I take, I analyze it and try to think about how I could have done it better,” she says.

Thanks to their consistent hard work, Cecilia and Carlos are making great strides toward reaching all of their goals and creating that ideal lifestyle Cecilia always yearned to enjoy. Supported by her strong faith, every night during her prayers, she visualizes her goals and then takes action toward reaching them during the day. And while achieving her and Carlos’ own success is certainly important to the couple, Cecilia says her best experiences are watching her team grow and prosper and gain new inspiration with each of their own achievements.

Today, Cecilia and Carlos have found a professional journey they can navigate with joy and confidence as they actively grow their team and customer base in both Spain and Chile. Cecilia says the life she always imagined living is becoming a reality and, she adds, “I can only be grateful to Nu Skin for becoming my fifth and ultimate business.”

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