“Leadership is not a position or title, it is action and example.”  –  Que Nguyen, Blue Diamond, U.S.A.


 “A great leader doesn’t remain silent while sitting and reading about history; a great leader stands tall and steps forward to be an example and create history.”—Dr. Ridha Revidha and Dr. Dianart Fazli Zulkifli, 1 Million Dollar Circle Member, 2 Year Team Elite Platinum, 3 Year Team Elite, Indonesia


“We knew we had to become role models for them.  Each leader knows that feeling — you just cannot leave your team struggling without vision or guidance. We had to step up. And, as a result, we quickly became this close-knit family, all set on the same dream path.” – Truong and Nikki Doan, Diamond, U.S.A.              


“Leadership is about the other side of the coin — followership. If you want to become a leader, the first thing you need to do is learn to follow your leaders. Don’t stop there. Constantly apply yourself to be a greater leader than those who lead you. If you remember these words and lead by example, many of you are going to become great leaders.” — Lee, Jae Young, Blue Diamond, Korea


“The key to success in the Nu Skin business is to have as many partners as possible with whom you share your values about work. I worked as hard and passionately as anyone would in this business, with strong work values in mind. It was wonderful to work as a team that consisted of uplines, downlines and sidelines. I never experienced such genuine teamwork in any of my previous careers.” — Naoki and Kimie Hongo, 20 Million Dollar Circle Member, 21 Year Team Elite, Japan


“I believe the best person to compete against is yourself. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes—you’ll learn from them. To set this example for the team, I keep learning and improving so I will be better every day.”—Adisak Saosoongyang, Diamond, the Netherlands


“Nu Skin has brought such quality values into my life. It has opened the path to personal and social growth. I see so much sense in our daily work; we help people feel better and look better, and we help them to be more successful. It is real and it happens every day.” — Iva Buriánková, Blue Diamond, Czech Republic


“Developing strong leadership skills is essential for clarifying your beliefs, values, and visions—and for building your organization.” — Kazumi Sakamoto, Blue Diamond, Japan

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“I really believe we have to be leaders of leaders and not leaders of followers. Leadership demands stepping out of your comfort zone, listening, being coachable, and doing what it takes.” — Pauline Lindsay, Australia


“Nu Skin has taught me to be a good person and to lend a hand to those in need of help. My mission is to do my best to help more people achieve their dreams.” — Mao Chun Hua, mainland China

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“We have many distributors who continue to drive with the same level of enthusiasm that they’ve had for many years because they’ve designed it in such a way that it’s enjoyable to them.” — Blake Roney, Founder


“We all have a responsibility to make a difference … Nu Skin is the perfect vehicle to allow us to fulfill our mission of serving as a force for good.” — Yanathon and Bhakanundh Thanasom, Thailand

Liang Fang

“People can enjoy continuous growth if they cultivate their own character, have the right mindset, do the right things, say the right things and help others enjoy better lives.” — Liang Fang, mainland China

John Iamranond

“People don’t see their own mistakes … that’s where their upline comes in and acts as a consultant and coach—direct sales comes down to coaching.” — John Iamranond, Thailand

Liang Fang

“Leadership means duplicating a success-driven belief system, sharing like-minded values, helping sales leaders set personal and organizational goals, enriching others’ lives, and helping them to overcome challenges and make full use of their potential.” — Liang Fang, mainland China

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“People don’t do what you hope they’ll do, they do what they think they see you doing. They say what they think they hear you saying … you have to go out of your way to make sure they’re seeing it, feeling it and experiencing it correctly with all of their senses.” — Blake Roney, Founder


“We became distributors and worked very hard as we aligned our goals with the direction provided by our upline leaders. We also decided to accept no excuses and never give up.” — Yanathon and Bhakanundh Thanasom, Thailand

Liang Fang

“Nu Skin taught me that leadership is about foresight and planning, communication, coordinating action plans, and maintaining sincerity and balance.” — Liang Fang, mainland China

John Iamranond

“A lot of people do more talking than listening, but eventually you’ll lose prospects because you won’t know what the prospects want ... People don’t want to hear what you know—people want to know what they can get.” — John Iamranond, Thailand

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“Our most successful leaders are people who put other people first … in the long run, that’s exactly what makes them successful.” — Blake Roney, Founder


You want to be the kind of leader that other people want to follow. And in order to become that, you have to work to become that. It has to be part of your soul. It has to be part of your spirit.
Sandie Tillotson, Executive Vice President


This whole business has been designed to help you succeed only by helping other people succeed. I believe everybody's mindset every single morning should be, “How can I find one more person to help today?” Some days you're helping them with the products. Some days you're helping them with the opportunity. Sometimes you're just being a charitable person and helping feed a person in Africa who would die otherwise, but if you go find one person to help every single day, then magic happens to you in your life. That's just an eternal principle. You serve others and that's how goodness comes back to you. – Blake Roney, Founder


If you have negative influences in your life, like people who are constantly trying to bring you down, you’ll need to decide whom you’re going to associate with. You need to associate with people who have positive attitudes and read positive books and attend meetings where people are positive about not only this business, but also about life in general!
Scott Schwerdt, President of Americas Region


There is immeasurable benefit that comes when upline leaders support downline efforts to the fullest extent. Even in corporations, when a manager truly cares about his or her people, those people are going to do things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do, because they know that their manager cares about them personally and is interested in their success.
Truman Hunt, President and Chief Executive Officer


Every person has a fundamental need and desire to be of service to other people. That's where self-worth comes from. Not from how much stuff you have, but how much good you're doing for other people around you.
Steve Lund, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of Nourish the Children


What I love about Nu Skin is its perpetuity. It’s our ability to duplicate ourselves, and I like to think that I’ve done that with my children. I know Nu Skin’s going to be around a long time. We have lofty goals that we still haven’t achieved and we’re constantly upping the bar of success.
Sandie Tillotson, Executive Vice President

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